Galvanizing Sales. Together.

Helping Enterprises improve their B2B Sales Performance is our Business.



(a) Custom ‘B2B sales performance improvement’ Solutions

At a point in time, each client situation is unique and we propose a (re)solution, matching the requirement.

As it is said, for a good fit, along with the size, shape is also important.

Understanding the unique fit helps in minimizing the ‘change cost’. By change we mean, changes in selling / sales management practices.

With and through better selling and sales management, some of our primary targets are –


Increased average account billing.


Improvement in sales force targets attainment.


Increased rate of new customer acquisition.


Improvement in customer retention.


Improvement in forecast accuracy.

In final analysis, sales has to go up and / or cost of sales has to come down.

(b) ‘Customer Value’ Orientation -

Instead of evaluating your sales primarily from an industry, company or consultants perspective, which is the most common orientation, we deliver superior results by basing our evaluations through the eyes of your customer.

Passion to Contribute

We are passionate about assisting our clients for improved sales performance. The joy of facilitating sales teams and sales people succeed in ‘Value Creation’ and ‘ Value Selling’ and therefore winning more business, is a reward worth the effort.


Our expertise is based on our years of real-life experience and conscious honing of our craft of B2B sales performance.

We understand what makes a B2B sales team a winning team and how to get the most from every member.

We have invested in the knowledge we possess and this investment is a continuous process. At least 20% of our time goes into refreshing / upgrading our own perspective, skills and knowledge with regards to Sales Performance issues.

We are ever cautious that we remain within our focus / specialization of –

Sales Consulting, Sales Training, Sales Coaching for


Direct Enterprise Selling (not channel)


High-value products / services


Consultative Selling

Realistic Promises

In today’s world of ‘instant gratification’ and ‘enough is not enough’ we do not offer ‘quick-fix’ solutions to deficits / inadequacies in Sales & Sales Management competencies and practices. Because, we believe, very few exist.

The perspective is that our clients should get a ‘sales performance advantage’ which is based on fundamentals and is sustainable.

We are not experts on every aspect of Sales Performance and we humbly share our expertise deficit for a situation specific.

We have finite execution bandwidth and we take in only as much as we can deliver. This is sacrosanct.

Reasonable Fee

You will be paying for some robust professional experience and expertise. The benefits of increased performance of your sales organization will be more than worth it.

We never try unnecessarily extending an assignment.

Best Practices

We do not undertake an assignment unless we are convinced that the intervention will have a significant Sales Performance impact. If we find that, for any reason, for an assignment the intervention is unlikely to yield a significant Sales Performance impact, we share our assessment with the client, at the earliest possible. Most likely, we recommend and request for a pre-mature closure of the project.

We commit to non-disclosure and confidentiality expectations of our clients.

We always meet our time commitments and our clients never incur hidden time costs.

For every assignment, we follow an appropriate mid-course ‘feedback / review ‘ mechanism. This helps in ensuring that client requirements (and assignment objectives) are met.

We keep our client engagements transparent which inspires mutual confidence ; for example – ‘prior’ information of any competitive assignment, self-disclosure of any financial interest in any 3rd party products / services recommended i.e. in case, etc.

We never discuss with / suggest a team member of our client any alternate employment options without prior discussion with the client.